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Supporting Those Who Serve

The Marines & Sailors of MARSOC are different from other conventional units within the Marine Corp. These elite service members have frequent deployments (many of which are combat-related), intense & lengthy trainings (also referred to as “work ups”), and elevated stress levels. This causes a heavy burden for families as they cope with the transient, unpredictable lifestyle of the military.

Supporting our cause means that you are directly helping a military member pay for their medical bills, or sending a military spouse back to school, or giving a child access to an extracurricular activity. We hope that we can count on you to support our cause. If you have any questions about Raising Raiders, please reach out to us.

The Raising Raiders Mission

Our mission is to support, encourage, and develop the personal and professional resiliency of MARSOC families, while strengthening, developing, and defining a sense of culture and unity within the MARSOC community.


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We greatly appreciate the businesses who support Raising Raiders and the MARSOC community. They embody the “Always Beside You” mentality and we are truly grateful for their continued support and encouragement of the Raising Raiders mission.

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