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Our diverse programs allow us to meet the needs of our communitywhatever they may be.

More Than A Mission

“Never Above, Never Below, Always Beside You” is a phrase that has been in our community from the beginning. It represents the equality of men, despite rank. For us, it means that no matter who is in need, they can always count on us to offer a helping hand.

From financial support for MARSOC veterans to continued education for military spouses to family enrichment, the goal of our programs is to enhance the lives of those within the MARSOC community. By focusing on the entire family, we strengthen the resiliency of the family, enhance mission-readiness of our soldiers, and protect the future of our military children.

Youth Programs

Children in military families often have a difficult time dealing with the transient lifestyle of the military. We fund youth programs that to support social interaction and encourage healthy, safe activities for children.

Military Spouse Career Advancement

Military spouse unemployment rates are nearly 4 times the national average. Raising Raiders supports military spouses by covering the costs of continued education, vocational training, and more.

Annual Fundraising

The Raider Ball is our annual fundraising event that brings together contributors, donors, and the MARSOC community to celebrate the past year and raise funds to support ongoing programs.

Always Beside You Grant

We’ve awarded over $100,000 to MARSOC members & their families since our inception. Whatever the need is, we provide year-round financial assistance to MARSOC families.

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