Serving The MARSOC Community

MARSOC stands for Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC), one of the most elite, scalable expeditionary forces groups in the world.


Our Mission

Raising Raiders lightens the heavy load that the families of the MARSOC community bear. We provide financial assistance to both current and prior members of MARSOC and, through our various programs, we support, empower, and encourage the personal and professional advancement of MARSOC spouses and their children.

Where It All Started

Raising Raiders was founded in 2012 by four MARSOC spouses when a need within the community arose. Eight Marines were killed in a Green on Blue attack (an attack carried out against a US service member by a partner force), and the community decided to create a memorial honoring the lives of the fallen Marines. However, the gesture was met with a lack of funding and legal issues regarding the command’s inability to request funds from nonprofit organizations. To raise funds for the memorial, these four spouses put together the 1st Annual Always Beside You Run, donating all of the funds to the Celebration of Life memorial honoring the lives of the eight fallen MARSOC men. Since then, Raising Raiders has broadened their scope to focus on both the Marines and Sailors and their families.

Raising Raiders stood up from within the MARSOC community and many of our volunteers are either current or retired MARSOC spouses. This enables us to remain in touch with the needs of those we serve.

Ways We Support Our Community

  • sponsor children in activities that promote growth, stability, as well as social and emotional functioning
  • minimize negative impact of military lifestyle by providing positive experiences
  • encourage and assist spousal education or career advancement opportunities
  • advocate for the military caregivers by raising awareness for PTSD, TBI and other mental health issues

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